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sympL & Odd Pilot Drops New Exclusive Album “Take Me To Your Leader”

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

What ACTUALLY happened in Brazil on January 20th, 1996, is only truly known by those present at the event. Pieces of fact support stories of one of the most fantastical reports of extra-terrestrial contact in modern history - 2nd to the famed Roswell incident in 1947.

Extra-terrestrials and sci-fi have long been themes in the vision and soundscapes of Maine-based producer, Odd Pilot. In the 2-verse song "Take Me To Your Leader", sympL re-tells the story from the perspective of an alien who’s been injured in a crash & recounts the origin of his species - as well as warns the police officer reported to have rescued the being.

"Take Me To Your Leader" explores theories of time & space travel - as well as addresses the very-real state of our own planet. The first single from his new project, a follow up to his 2021 release “Cabin Fever”, is narrated by veteran MC & founder of Dropp Science sympL.

The duo approach the subject in the storytelling tradition of Slick Rick- sympL weaving a mind-bending cautionary tale over an equally eerie backdrop of Odd Pilot’s layered synthesizers and neck-snapping drums. Jason Famous Beats provides the accented scratches & Odd Pilot himself took to the mixing console to polish & master the single. The whole project is brought together on the cover by visual artist, Vince Fontaine who designed the jacket for “Cabin Fever” and whose album credits include works by Stu Bangas, Gorilla Twins & more.

"Take Me To Your Leader" is available exclusively on Bandcamp:

Article Credit: Andreas (Goon Musick PR)

Instagram: @aprock_bloglove

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