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Tacoma Washington’s Next Biggest Artist Back with New Music: Introducing to the World Tizzy TEACH

With many tracks released throughout his career and more in the works, up-and-coming artist Tizzy TEACH is all set to make it big in the world of music

TACOMA, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2022 - Emerging artist Tizzy TEACH is a true force to be reckoned in the musical world. With expertise in Alternative and Hip Hop music, the artist is considered one of the most versatile and capable artists of the time. Tizzy TEACH has proved himself time and again with an unparalleled skillset up his sleeve and years of experience in the industry. The artist has recently released two brand new singles at the start of this year.

With the release of the single titled “Pressure Prod. WyshMaster” on January 1st, 2022, the artist is hoping for his unique sound to get out there and attract music lovers from all around the world towards his songs. He wants people belonging from all age groups and backgrounds, especially the lot who takes an interest in Hip Hop and Alternative music, to give a listen to his tunes and connect with them on a personal level, ultimately growing attached to the artist. Always wanting to be there for his fans, Tizzy TEACH adds such a personal and deep touch to his songs that the listeners feel like they are not alone in their quest of life as their worries wash away with each lyric. While the artist keeps his main focus on Hip Hop and Alternative music, he does try his best to keep his mind open for new ideas and inspirations that would blend in smoothly with his original style of music. This approach has provided Tizzy TEACH with a musical style that is totally unique to him and a direction that has never been taken before by any other artist.

Currently available on most major music streaming/downloading platforms across the world including Spotify, “Pressure Prod. WyshMaster” is heavily dominated by catchy beats and substantial lyrics that are bound to get the listeners hooked from start till the end. Apart from Tizzy TEACH, some other talented musicians including Krizz Kaliko, King Koda, and Big Weird were also involved in the production of the song. What makes the artist unique is that he makes music that comes from a place of personal perspective and real-life experiences but can still be perceived in any other way by the listeners, making the tune their own and embracing it as their personal story.

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Tizzy TEACH is a Hip Hop and Alternative artist from Washington. He has been extremely fond of music since he was a child, playing around with various instruments and coming up with melodious beats on his own.

Growing up, Tizzy TEACH drew his inspiration from a wide variety of Hip Hop and Alternative artists from the industry. He plans on continuing his musical journey, making more music he’s passionate about and expanding his creative horizons.


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