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Texas Rapper Kenny B Remixes NBA YoungBoy Track, "I Hate YoungBoy"

Texas up-and-coming rap artist Kenny B released a vicious remix to NBA YoungBoy's latest diss-released track, "I Hate YoungBoy." Kenny B takes the same approach as he disses all his haters and opps while making it known he is not to be messed with. The delivery and flow from Kenny B are undeniable as he makes this track his own, "I Hate Kenny B." This exclusive video presented by Halfpint Flimzz was captured in different locations in the hood with the gang and directed by Damnnn Beennn!

Off the back, Kenny B aims straight for the opposition with lines like "he want beef with CBT, watch he die about it." It was followed by drill bars like "Daddy told me to chill, I just caught what's his name, he was lacking hard," leaving the fans clueless and guessing who it could be. Kenny B is definitely on the radar for next to blow as he continues to apply pressure in the 1st quarter of 2022.

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