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Tok is Spreading Love One Track at a Time

Brockton, MA — Saturday, September 28th, 2021 — Brockton MA Rapper TOK The Outcast King is Proving he is a jack of all trades! 2 years after dropping his debut project “Marketing Soul, Pt. 1: Marketing” TOK has returned with: Marketing Soul, Pt. 2: Soul”!

Pre-saves to Marketing Soul, Pt. 2: Soul are available now on Spotify!

“Marketing Soul, Pt. 2: Soul” or “MSP2″ will be available on all streaming platforms on 9/18/21. TOK’s new album will provide listeners with a conscious vibe while illustrating the struggles of self-discovery and loss.

Tok uses this project to share lessons he has learned from his experiences and the experiences of others around him. ” The project covers many topics: my frustration with struggles of being an independent artist, the status quo of the hood, suicide awareness, the psyche of trying to play the hero, Dealing with depression, and above all the willingness to continue fighting for your dreams.”

A lot of changes have happened since the pandemic and everyone has been affected one way or another. MSP2 is TOK’s way of encouraging you to persevere and maintain your focus as you travel through this world of uncertainty.

This Jack of all trades was inspired by many artists from Drake and Kendrick to Chance the Rapper and Kid Cudi. As Versatile as TOK can be and as versitile as this project sounds, MSP2 provides one consistent theme: Keep The Dream Alive!

Listen to Marketing Soul, Pt. 2: Soul now! Available on all platforms!


This lyrical problem considers him a “jack of all trades” with his unique lyrics and multi versatile sound. TOK The Outcast King has a love for music in its entirety. Ranging from Chance the Rapper, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Joyner Lucas and Cousin Stizz to many more, Tok’s plethora of influencers have curved his outlook on sound. “If I don’t get goose bumps or cry randomly then it’s not project material.”


Tok The Outcast King Tok The Outcast King

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