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Top Trends in Music Marketing | T.H.E - Music Essentials

Over the last few decades, the use of the internet has risen immensely and thanks to its easy accessibility now, this trend will only develop in times to come.

As is true for any other business, the music business has also transformed virtually by way of having instant access to fans, generating more traffic on social media platforms, and the use of strategic marketing tools at the click of a button.

The Charm of Online Marketing

A key element in the music industry, online marketing can turn an artist into a star by augmenting his work and sharing his talent with scores of fan prospects, which means that platforms like Tik Tok, Facebook, or Instagram are the best in the business to spread the word far and wide! Here are some top marketing trends in the business of music. One of the fastest-growing social apps, Tik Tok is driven primarily by music and it is also a great medium to promote music, find new listeners, and share songs, not to forget to earn money when a particular music number is used.

Online Streaming

Streaming services such as Amazon, Deezer, Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, etc., make for a large chunk of streams globally, and having an account on these platforms helps immensely, by sharing an Individual’s craft with millions of listeners and also become a music monetization tool.

Influencer Marketing

Considered the new age advertising mediums, social media influencers can spread the word and get a lot done. From online casinos to lifestyle brands, Influencer Marketing is the need of the hour! The Internet has made it easier for musicians to get their craft out into the world and attract a wider fan base. With competition rising swiftly in almost all genres of business, success in music isn’t just for popular artists or big brands, it is equally stiff for those new in the game. Most influencers gain their followers on social media platforms and with a devoted fan base, they can turn any product or service into a trend and share it with a different set of audiences, which in turn influences the number of followers to an artist’s page/handle.

Mobile Music

These days everyone has a phone (well nearly!) and this can be used to an advantage. To engage fans any time of the day, and with most people glued to their devices at all hours, keeping them updated isn’t a tough task. With over 3.5 billion users on social media across the globe, social media marketing is an effective tool for businesses to thrive.

Video Marketing

One of the best in the business of music is Video Marketing as a digital marketing tool and includes platforms like Vimeo and YouTube. These platforms let artists and bands produce visual content and share it will millions of users, making them popular sensations overnight and changing their career graph forever!

Further, IGTV is equally trending for music marketing, which is quite evident from the research that says over 80% of internet content is video-based. IGTV allows a user to share full music videos, longer video content that encompasses an individual’s daily routine, and some behind-the-scenes footage to attract more traffic to the artist’s page on Insta. From having Q & As to conducting live interviews and saving IG Live Streams as video, there’s enough promotional material one can generate here and connect with millions of fans instantly.

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