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Toronto’s Miss Tammy Darling Makes Sparks Fly in RnB/Soul Single "Electric Love"

When you start getting romantic feelings for someone, you might feel a surge of passion that comes from feeling a strong connection with them. Miss Tammy Darling can distinctively be found in the rockabilly world, but for “Electric Love,” she’s expressing these buzzy feelings of romance in authentically sliding into the RnB and Soul genres.

At the start of the song, smooth horns, and Darling's passionate vocals slither into the listener's ears. Once the first verse kicks in, so does the guitar. When combined with Darling's vocals and the horns, the guitar's casual strums seem to gently dance along. This enhances the song's feel-good romance mood.

"There’s a strong pull in your direction,

Never felt this kinda connection.

Sparks start flying when you’re around.

I’m soaring way off the ground.

Surge of passion through every cell,

Open the windows, it’s hot as hell

Fireworks ignite right through my veins,

Lock me up, I’ll be your ball and chain."

Of the song's inspiration, Darling states, "With a love of old Hollywood and a fascination with the past, my original music is influenced by the iconic sounds of the 1950’s and 1960’s. I hope to revitalize these retro sounds, keeping them alive for future generations to enjoy. "

In fact, Darling's song is almost like a modern version of Wanda Jackson's "Cool Love." While Jackson's track displays the blues and country roots of rockabilly, Darling's track uses jazz and country. A commonality that they both share is that they both unabashedly state their desires for an exciting and sensual romance.

Darling asserts this when she states, "I enjoy writing tunes that appeal to a multigenerational audience and encourage listeners to take a step back in time. Occasionally midcentury music presents outdated values. In sticking to the contemporary vintage community’s mantra, “vintage style, not vintage values,” I infuse these old styles with modern values and a fresh female perspective.

Miss Tammy Darling combines her love of vintage Hollywood movies and a retro 50's and 60's sound with modern sensibilities to introduce rockabilly to a new generation. She began performing covers of iconic artists such as Brenda Lee and Doris Day, most notably covering Gayla Peevy's "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" in 2019.

Two years later, Darling took inspiration from being a cocktail enthusiast and released her first original song, "Mr. Bartender", which resulted in Darryl Sterdan of Tinnitist to name her “Toronto’s Queen of Rockabilly”. In March 2023, Darling released her debut EP "Electric Love".

“Electric Love”

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