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Trap Dickey Releases “Murder Something” Today Alongside 4ShootersOnly “From The Raw” Performance

[HARTSVILLE, SC—MARCH 13, 2024] South Carolina rapper Trap Dickey released his new song “Murder Something” today. It can be heard on the new 4ShootersOnly “From The Raw” performance released last week (Wednesday, March 6). 

“Murder Something” is available everywhere; watch Trap Dickey’s “From The Raw” performance HERE.

Shot behind Trap’s trusted barber, Cut Zone Barber Shop, in Pee Dee, South Carolina, the performance showcases his lyrical prowess against the backdrop of the raw essence of his hometown. On the track, Trap dives into the realities of street life while effortlessly floating over the piano-heavy, soulful soundscape.  

The release of “Murder Something” follows the official video for “Blue Devils” (1.4M views) and the viral release of his On The Radar Radio performance at the close of 2023. Through his music, Trap Dickey showcases his evolution as an artist and his knack for connecting with listeners through authentic narratives and raw emotion. “I want people to understand,” he says, “I’m not just rapping. I’m not just talking.”



Born and raised in Hartsville, South Carolina, Trap Dickey’s music speaks to the hardships he’s faced. Trap Dickey is a storyteller with a deep commitment to his craft, and a rapper whose journey is intensely rooted in his environment. Surviving multiple gunshot wounds—including one to the face—he shows that his struggles have only made him stronger. He uses that strength to connect with his fans on a real level. Trap Dickey's music provides a glimpse into a world many encounter but few truly understand.

"Murder Something" Streaming Link:

"From The Raw" Video Link:

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