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Trillest Entertainment is the #1 Ranked Hip Hop Promotion Company in the World

Trillest Entertainment is the global leader in hip hop promotion

If you’re an up and coming artist you probably know it’s difficult to have confidence with people in the music industry (with regard to what they say they can do for you). That being said, there is one PR company that is exceeding all of their clients expectations and as the vice president, Gabriel, proudly says, “revolutionizing the industry of music promotion as we know it”.

Trillest Entertainment isn’t only the global leader in digital media marketing, they consider all artists like family. Their mission and driving force is to build with you and guide you in advancing your music career. Trillest Entertainment is proudly owned and operated by Anthony, who has 10+ years of experience, resources, and connections. They are a PR company that distinguishes themselves from others by providing the largest selection of major media outlets for artists to get their music featured on. Founded from the ground up through his love for hip-hop and marketing, Anthony combined his two passions and created what the world knows today as Trillest Entertainment.

Having been in the music business for more than 10+ years, Anthony developed personal connections with some of the most influential artists, media outlets, and industry leaders. This is evident in the volume of business they do, working with 10,000+ artists annually all around the world and having access to over 250+ major hip hop magazines, blogs, and websites. All thanks to the diligence, professionalism, and dedication of a former ex-felon, turned honors college graduate, turned CEO. Anthony is a true entrepreneur and pioneer in the music industry who believes providing good service creates a good reputation, which is essential for success in any business. According to Anthony, “many artists today lack a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals that fully support their musical endeavors and vision, Trillest Entertainment fulfills this need”.

If you are looking to gain global exposure for your music, Trillest Ent. has the experience, resources, knowledge, and most importantly, connections. All of which they use to mobilize and facilitate the advancement of your music career. Partnering with them gets you worldwide listeners, new fans, more streams, higher numbers, and increased SEO and search results, all of which are essential for monetizing your music and turning it into a career.

While the world is suffering from the complications of COVID19, Anthony, the CEO of @TrillestEnt continues to grow and expand his thriving digital global empire. He managed to negotiate promotion for some of the most well-known hip hop artists in the industry including, Jadakiss, Maino, The Game, Dave East, Fat Joe, Fetty Wap, and many others. When asked about how he feels about everything he’s accomplished, Anthony said, “this is only the beginning and the sky’s the limit”.

In case you were wondering if @TrillestEnt is the right company to invest with, and to answer the question of, “Is Trillest Entertainment legit?”, let their reputation of being “the plug” speak for itself.

Visit to take your music career to the next level.

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