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Up and Coming Artist in the world of Hip Hop and Rap: This is Leevee Parean

Crafting outstanding compositions by blending the genres of Hip Hop and Rap with excellence, the rising artist Leevee Parean is well on his way to become the next big hit in the world of music

Emerging artist Leevee Parean is a true force in the world of Hip Hop. He released a brand new single titled “Stand Strong” on June 5th, 2021. His debut album titled ‘Being Me’ is also in the works and is set to be released in the month of October or November of 2021. With all these releases, the artist is hoping to get his music out there for people to love and appreciate.

Leevee Parean is an artist of his own kind in the world of music. Having incredible expertise in the genres of Rap and Hip Hop, the artist also explores other genres in order to expand his horizons. He is a singer and songwriter who has worked on all his songs by himself. From the writing process, to hitting the studio for recording, mixing, and producing, Leevee Parean is the complete package. Apart from the single “Stand Strong”, he also released a brand new EP titled ‘Out the Way’. This EP is Leevee’s latest work and consists of a number of outstanding tracks including “Beautifully Precious Life” and “One of a Kind”. He has another EP titled ‘All Work No Play’, which is currently getting streamed on all major music streaming sites. With all these back to back compositions, Leevee Parean can be seen to be a determined musician, driven by his passion and undying love for music.

With his debut album ‘Being Me’ being in the process of production, the artist is driven to channel his creative side to the fullest. Growing and getting mature as an artist with time, Leevee Parean is letting himself explore his sound, resulting in him becoming extremely creative and unique in his art. He has an ability of blending Hip Hop and Rap together perfectly, which makes him stand out amongst other artists. His sound, which he found after playing around with a bunch of music styles, is extremely unique. The sort of direction he has taken with his sound makes his artistic individuality shines through his music.

Leevee Parean looks forward to continuing his musical journey. He wants to make more music he’s passionate about and wishes to tour the world, motivating others and meeting his fans along the journey.


Leevee Parean is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter, based in Mobile, Alabama. Since the very beginning, he has been extremely fond of music, especially Hip Hop and Rap. He started writing films and music back in 2020.

He just released a new single “Stand Strong” along with an EP ‘Out the Way’. Another EP ‘All Work No Play’ also got released earlier in the year and is currently getting streamed by fans. The budding artist is all set to release his debut album ‘Being Me’ later in the year 2021.


Name: Leevee Parean Email: Phone no: (251) 327-2752 Full Business Address: 411 Clay St Mobile, Alabama 36603 United States


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