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Hip-Hop Artist NevaFold Is On The Come Up

As a new upcoming artist, NevaFold is a 22 yr HipHop/Rap artist from Macon, GA. While only rapping for 7 months he has quickly built a decent social media presence and is gaining traction through melodic hooks and verses with witty lyricism and punchlines. His spotlight single “Keisha” has been garnering new plays each week with its catchy hook and trap-inspired instrumental.

With women between the ages of 18-24 making up the majority of his fanbase it’s possible, he’ll be catering to the ladies in songs to come. From what we’ve heard so far the artist has a love for women but also a questionable past with them. If you want to get more in tune with this new refreshing sound from the artist be sure to follow him on his social media. With new releases dropping monthly and hopefully his first project coming soon we plan to watch this artist make a true name for himself.

Obviously he’s waiting for his big moment as said in his single “MOTTORNOT”. In the beginning hook “N***** say that they wit it they not, wasting they tike to lay up wit a t***.” “Man I’m tryna strike da iron while its hot, big MOTT s*** n**** I’m tryna pop”. Definitely putting in work each week to get closer as he says he “works on being consistent in the studio and trying to get booked for more shows.”

When asked what he feels he needs to reach his goal he said “getting more in tune with the fans, dropping more visuals to gain attention, and possibly shooting a couple of photoshoots with new looks for his fans.” He also stated that he’s “always looking for new artists to work with to make connections and build chemistry.” Furthermore feels he “needs a team” of people who actually “believes he will be a star.”

In the future, NevaFold strives to keep gaining traction in his music career. He said, “its bigger than money, I want people to receive my message.” “I have a story to tell and with the proper exposure it’ll get out there.” Right now he just wants people to “enjoy the music” while continuing to “gravitate closer to him as an artist.”

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