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Versatile and Enriching, Hip Hop Artist Joe Eid Unveils Stunning New Album

Empowered by a vision to voice struggles and talk about his success, talented powerhouse Joe Eid melds rhythms and rhymes to craft a memorable album.

CINCINNATI, OHIO, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2021 - A relatable and rhythmic new composition, Joe Eid’s latest release pays testament to his unshakeable drive and diligence. Shedding light on all the struggles that have paved the way towards success, Joe Eid’s new album recollects the hurdles that he has gone through and his trajectory towards success in life.

Having dealt with the worst and the best of people during his life’s various chapters, Joe Eid’s music is a refreshing and commanding new movement within Hip Hop. Whether it is political or a song that can be played at the club, every song on the album tells a story lyrically and is very unique. Along with the music the versatile artist is also looking forward to his record label, Passion Reward Opportunity, releasing hoodies that he designed on 12/6/2021.

Titled “Hop on or Fuck Off 2”, Joe Eid’s latest musical release represents a unique musical prowess which had 17 out of the 18 songs recorded, mixed, and mastered at Timeless Recording Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio. The other, recorded, mixed, and mastered at YNO Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio.

A powerhouse in the genre, Joe Eid has also been involved with hosting events, including yacht parties, while making music and working on several other business ventures. Using hype beats which meld and marry together with thematic love songs that are slow paced, Joe Eid’s music takes listeners into his mind as he explains some of the stories that have helped mold him into the human being he is.

Joe Eid strives to put out music that can grasp the interest of listeners, while also captivating listeners with his lyrical prowess, memorializing his imprint within the world of music. The eclectic artist won Music Video of the Year for 2021 with the song “Dough” through the Buckeye Awards Showcase and continues to put together breathtaking visuals for listeners to revel in.

With his exciting new collaboration album, the artist highlights several artists in Southwest Ohio and showcases the hidden talents of Cincinnati in the diverse and distinct realm of Hip Hop and Rap.

Follow Joe Eid on Instagram and download his dynamic new album. Contact him through email for interviews, reviews, and collaborations.


Joe Eid is a rising artist from Dayton, Ohio who remains driven to put out projects that are both versatile and authentic, shedding light upon both rich and riveting beats and sensory song writing. Always inspired and moved by the power of music, the talented artist weaves together intricate stories with his brilliantly crafted musical compositions, inviting listeners into the dynamic realm of different flavored Hip Hop beats and styles.

Creating unique and characteristic musical compositions, Joe Eid hopes to continue to relate to people and give them something to hear every day that can connect with any mood which they have. With each new release, the artist hopes to continue releasing absolutely thrilling music while trying to achieve his dream of being a business mogul.


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