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With Unparalleled Music Available Now On Major Platforms: This is Hussein Harris

Composing great music and working with incredible people to grow his Entertainment company, emerging artist Hussein Harris becoming a hit in the world of music

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2021 - Up-and-coming artist Hussein Harris is an emerging name in the scene of music, especially possessing great expertise in the genre of Rap. With a growing Entertainment company, he’s working towards introducing his style of Rap and bringing something new to the table. With the worldwide release of his brand new music on August 5th, 2021, the artist is looking forward to getting his sound out there for music lovers to listen to and enjoy.

Along with being a rising artist and musician, Hussein Harris is also the CEO of his company IV Family Entertainment Ilc. He has been working with a bunch of producers, artists, and musicians for quite a while now, coming up with compelling compositions and building his company. Been making music for almost 20 years now, the dedicated artist has come quite far, growing his artistic vision and becoming the artist he is today. He has released a brand new single titled “Firdos” on YouTube on March 19th, 2021. His outstanding works also include a full-length album titled ‘Back Like I Neva Left’, available for download on Spotify. The album consists of a total of 7 tracks including “Stand Up Guy”, “2nd Nature”, “He Say, She Say”, and more. Overpowered by catchy beats and groovy melodies, all the tracks on the album are filled with rich themes of Rap music. The creative tunes and hard-hitting rap verses make all the songs unique in their own ways.

Apart from the album, Hussein Harris has also released a bunch of singles and other compositions on the side. Singles like “Basic Math”, “We Outside”, “LANES”, “Sum’XOTIC”, and “My Texture” are some of his greatest releases this year, all available on Spotify. Other popular singles include “AFTER HOURZ”, “Blessins”, and many more. In hopes of getting his sound out there, the artist is constantly on the run, making more and more music every day and following his passion. His brand new mixtape titled ‘CEO OF DA CITY’ is a living proof of his dedication to his art. Heavily dominated by themes of Rap music, the mixtape consists of 17 tracks in total. Being an extremely creative artist, kept the main focus of the mixtape on Rap while also incorporating unique elements in each of the songs, making all of them stand out in their own way.

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Hussein Harris, Rap artist and CEO of IV Family Entertainment Ilc, is currently based in Pennsylvania. Born and raised in North Philadelphia, the talented artist has been writing and recording music for at least 2 decades now.

His projects and singles range in production with beat makers he can rock with such as Vax Morpheus and Elijah Murray. Altogether, their goal is to become the largest Philadelphia based independent label and bring about social change with the help of music.

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