YAAK Introduces New Artist Persona 'OX4ORD' on New Single 'PARAMETERS'

“It blurs the lines of grime and electronic music, with YAAK crafting atmospheric soundscapes that lead into a bass-heavy drop; an ideal summit of energy for when we return to the outside.” - Acclaim Magazine When not helping other musicians do their thing, though, ‘BREATHE’ is ample proof that YAAK has plenty of talent and belief in his own sound.” - Tone Deaf “It was a bit of a shift in sound that showcased YAAK's ability to bring the best out of his collaborators” - Pilerats

Melbourne producer YAAK has announced the launch of his new moniker ‘OX4ORD’, a literary outlet personified as a nonchalant wordsmith, who debuts on his latest electronic/hip hop single ‘PARAMETERS’, via Hy-Lo. Serving as a turning point for YAAK as he departs from standalone singles into a new era of production for artists, ‘PARAMETERS’ introduces OX4ORD as the front-facing act. The record provides a commentary on broader society and some concerning tr