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YNM (YOUNG NARRATIVE MOVEMENT) LUL P-NUT Releases New Single, “Have Mercy” - #HHOE

Check Out the Remix Version of the Newest Single by YNM LUL P-NUT

Sacramento, California – Although he originally considered a basketball career, YNM LUL P-NUT realized that his gift in music was what he was meant to pursue. The artist kept his name as YNM, standing for “young narrative movement” to represent his narrative singing, aimed at starting a new music movement. His hope with his rap music is to encourage listeners to share their dreams with him and form a connection.

“Have Mercy” is YNM LUL P-NUT’s latest single, for which he has released a remix version. He has added his own twist to the classic rap and hip-hop sounds, resulting in a catchy mix that will get stuck in the listener’s mind like an earworm.

YNM LUL P-NUT has released several songs over the past year, garnering a hefty fanbase of people who resonate with his music and message. His other popular singles include “Lockdown,” “Thoughtz 2.0,” and “Infected.”

“Have Mercy” is a rap single that uses its lyricism to invoke a movement among the listeners. With this single, the artist is conveying a message to keep high hopes from life as God will guide you towards achieving success in life. Hip-hop lovers who enjoy meaningful lyrics are sure to love this single.

Listeners are encouraged to check out YNM LUL P-NUT and his music. Listeners can also contact the artist for interviews, reviews, and collaborations with the information given below.


Demoan Jacob Sims, better known as YNM LUL P-NUT, is a rap artist hailing from Sacramento, California. The artist was driven towards a career in basketball around the time he realized his passion for music. He found his musical calling in high school and has not looked back since. As a starter in 2020, the artist is still new to the rap world but has already captivated people with his diverse style and contagious sounds.

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