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Yung Goony – The Next Rap King Of LA Just Dropped New Single Really - #HHOE

Rap artist Yung Goony has done it again with his latest single Really proving why he is indeed the next rap king of LA. With Really, Yung Goony seems to have come of age with a classy EDM style Rap number that exhibits musical creativity and mastery over his profession.

Yung Goony is no stranger to the rap scene. It was just a few months ago that the emerging hip hop artist released Truly Committed in collaboration with friend J. Mouse. The number earned rave reviews from fans and even attracted media attention with Yung Goony being featured in several online musical reviews. But if Truly Committed was hailed as a new vibe, then Really is the icing on the cake.

Really is a superb rendition that comes across as a subtle blend of EDM and Rap with a beat that is distinctive, bubbly and catchy. It is clearly a number that might just be the hottest new rap release of 2021. Adding soul to music is Yung Goony’s signature style of lyrics which echo the artist’s perspective on life and his experiences. Yung Goony 23 is an upcoming rap artist who was born in Portland Oregon and raised in Detroit Michigan the “City of Soul” which he feels has inspired his love for music. At a young age, Goony traveled and lived all over the United States because of his parent’s careers. This exposed him to a variety of musical styles which molded him into the artist he is today. Goony is a self-taught musician whose career took off to a promising start at the age of 21. Since then, his musical prowess has displayed a unique and consistent quality of music which he never fails to uphold and maintain.

Goony’s professional career began when he started working in a music studio in LA where he was introduced to a producer who was responsible for launching his first studio single “La Playa.” Since then, Goony has devoted his time and attention to his passion for music and is currently working on an upcoming E.P said to be released this year.

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