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Milano Constantine Teams Up With BigBob for an Exclusive

Instrumentally the onset of the latest track EVERYBODY GOT A PRICE is composed of a disturbingly sinister sound, finely tuned and memorable. An eerie intro features the evil laugh of The Million Dollar Man of WWF fame. The prodigious rapper, Milano Constantine spits linguistic magic, weaving a historical Faustian fable classically into the present day narratives of the tragedy of satisfying one’s gratification. Faust, in the legend, traded his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge. Milano Constantine’s sharp arsenal of poetic manifestos lyrically twists and turns naturally making it perfect for the atmosphere of a horror film. His impressive verbal artistry connects and carries the tense mood layered with snappy snares, distorted voices and psychedelic sound effects creating an unnerving atmosphere orchestrated immaculately by the talented visionary producer, BigBob.

Stream on Audiomack:

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