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BigBob Teams Up With Milano Constantine, Mic Handz, & Ldonthecut for 'Cause for Concern'

Imagine your favorite rappers from New York in an episode of LAW & ORDER and you fundamentally have the visuals for CAUSE FOR CONCERN featuring Def Squad’s own Mic Handz & Milano Constantine of DITC. It should comes as no surprise that a place like New York City can conjure such deep emotion and crime realism.

Director Verity Rollins takes us along a detailed story with cameos from NY rappers, Juxx Diamondz and Stuck B, brother of the late rapper, Sean Price.The video and the track are both produced by independent hip hop label, Elite Sound International (ESI) with BigBob Pattison on the beat and LDonTheCut on the 1’s and 2’s.


Stream "Cause For Concern" Video


BigBob Pattison

Twitter: @BigBobPattison

Instagram: @BigBobPattison

Mic Handz (Def Squad)

Twitter: @therealMICHANDZ

Instagram: @michandz

Milano Constantine (DITC)

Twitter: @Milano7Warriors

instagram: @milano_constantine


Twitter: @LDontheCut

Instagram: @ldonthecut

Elite Sound International

Instagram: @elitesoundinternational

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