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BigBob "Cause For Concern Remix" ft Mic Handz, Milano Constantine, SADAT X & LDontheCu

Visionary producer BigBob strikes gold once again with a B-Side remix of Cause For Concern, a recently released track featuring Mic Handz and Milano Constantine and now with the addition of legendary Sadat X into the mix.

Antagonizing piano chords, heavy on emotion rivals the bars and tone of the originally released track. Sadat X complements the dark atmosphere by heightening and intensifying the mood of the present incarnation of Cause For Concern. LDontheCut skillfully weaves his dramatic cuts and scratches and laces them methodically throughout the track.





Social Media & Contact Info

BigBob Pattison

Twitter: @BigBobPattison

Instagram: @BigBobPattison

Mic Handz (Def Squad)

Twitter: @therealMICHANDZ

Instagram: @michandz

Milano Constantine (DITC)

Twitter: @Milano7Warriors

instagram: @milano_constantine

Sadat X (Brand Nubian)

Twitter: @SadatX

Instagram: @sadatx


Twitter: @LDontheCut

Instagram: @ldonthecut

Elite Sound International

Instagram: @elitesoundinternational

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