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Valley Delivers a Completely Immersive Rap Track ‘Ocean Blue’ with his Elegant Voice

Valley makes a strong impact with his soulful performance in his latest music video ‘Ocean Blue’ that highlights the artist’s skilled craftsmanship.

(GuruObserver Editorial):- Tallahassee, Nov 19, 2019 ( – Valley embraces the contemporary tones of hip-hop and R&B, yet with an impressively detailed and progressive soundscape that drives with quickly memorable melodies on his latest single. Filled with short and impactful lines, the song encompasses a hook that draws the listeners from the offset and keeps them rhythmically engaged throughout. The song takes dramatic turns as it travels through sections that vary in instrumentation and mood. It’s reflective of a song that is both catchy and groovy. The singer has a voice that succeeds to uplift the real essence of the music and the song’s sophisticated and effortless melody line blends perfectly to complement the lyricism. The artist has shown tremendous caliber as a producer and production-wise the music video ‘outshines every other softy flowing hip-hop tracks currently flowing in the industry. There’s a dreamlike quality to his track that hits hard and keeps the mood chill by offering an introspective vibe.

The music video has a lithe rhythm section that is well complemented by the singer’s warm and composed delivery. There’s a varied depth in the artist’s voice which goes very well with the title of the track. The song ventures forward by exploring all the soothing musical elements required hitting the listener’s head. In ‘Ocean Blue (Official Audio)’ Valley creates a subtle hypnotic ambiance with his most compelling voice that puts together eclectic sounds into an intriguing package and manipulates the listener to play his track on loop. Lyrically, the talented artist has used all sorts of catchy words to introduce his flawless music. The artist sings of a girl who drives him crazy and he finds her irresistible. The singer has chosen the most appropriate words to depict his honest emotion and goes on to deliver the verses with his infectious voice.

The latest composition by the artist shows how he wants to expand his musical capabilities while trying to evolve with the modern trends which have effectively pushed him to compose such a rich and exotic-sounding record. Valley has established a distinctive style that’s rooted in a patient, thoughtful melody, and elegant harmonies. That distinctiveness in his voice transcends from quit arrangements to something more expansive as it progresses melodically towards the finish. The song is a refreshing jump from the repetitive rap sound and the artist sounds very much subtle and soft with his word delivery that makes the whole musical piece even more worthy. Listen to the track on YouTube and follow the artist on Instagram for more engaging content.

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