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Upcoming Rapper: Get Familiar With 'ZHG Juwop'

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

ZHG Juwop is a hot debuting artist from Columbus, GA with a unique, smooth sound and a mysterious image. ZHG Juwop has yet to show his face to his growing fan base and has branded himself with pink imagery. “Pink World,” Juwop’s premiere song, suggests that “it’s a pink, pink world we live in” and has created this image in his follow-up track “Groove On,” which is saturated with pink shirts, pink hair, and pink effects to represent the “Pink WorldZHG Juwop’s movement is unifying.

Dopeboy Trouble, another hot new Columbus, GA artist is featured on both of these tracks and Dopeboy Trouble’s own distinct lyrical ability compliments ZHG Juwop’s melodic tones in a one of a kind duo yet to be seen in Columbus, GA. ZHG Juwop has collaborated with a local videographer, KOSMODIDIT, who has been dominating the Columbus, GA music scene. KOSMODIDIT visuals compliment ZHG Juwop and Dopeboy Trouble’s sound and vibe and ar paving the way for many rising Columbus rappers in 2020. ZHG Juwop will soon be adding visuals to his portfolio, including the tracks "3Peat,” “Freestyle,” and the unreleased “Rockboy.” You will continue to see a gaining visual presence over the coming months and a larger project in the near future.

“Groove On” Released One Week Ago

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