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An Independent Artist Blending Different Genres: Introducing to the World Sleep Skee

Releasing many hits over the years and having more in store for future releases, emerging artist Sleep Skee is on his way to take over the music industry

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, USA, November 11, 2021 - Up-and-coming artist Sleep Skee is an extremely talented and well-equipped musician of this era. With expertise in Hip Hop and Rap, the artist can be seen as a true force to be reckoned with in the world of music. Sleep Skee is all set to release his brand new album titled ‘Quality Over Quantity 2’, which will be followed by the release of a brand new project titled ‘The SkeeMix 2’.

Being in the works for quite some time, ‘Quality Over Quantity 2’ is now ready and is set to be released on December 24th, 2021. Heavily dominated by rich themes of Hip Hop and hard-hitting Rap verses, the album was worked on by the artist himself. From penning down meaningful lyrics to getting down to the studio to record powerhouse raps and mixing and perfecting all the songs, there’s nothing Sleep Skee can’t do. He’s the complete package for a Hip Hop artist of this era, and that’s evident from the kind of music he makes. Apart from the upcoming album, Sleep Skee is also released a new single titled “Dat Dope”. The Single ‘DatDope’ Is Currently At 10K Streams On Spotify And Around 20K Streams On Soundcloud. They’re planning on releasing a new single ‘SteppingOnNiggaz’ this November. Being a verified artist on Spotify, Sleep Skee has managed to amass well above 2 Million streams on the platform along with having more than 36k monthly listeners.

In addition, the artist has also managed to achieve 15 Million streams on SoundCloud, an extremely impressive figure for an independent artist. He achieved these streams on both platforms while working extremely hard and being completely independent. While the new album will be released this year, the project ‘The SkeeMix 2’ will be released in the summer of 2022. Besides music streaming platforms, Sleep Skee also takes the cake when it comes to social media following. The rising artist has 65k followers on Instagram and 700k followers on Twitter. His goal is to reach 100k followers on Spotify by January 2022.

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Sleep Skee is an American Hip Hop and Rap Artist. He debuted during the winter of 2009 with Bottles & Spirit on which reached over 50K streams independently. Taking his own route and starting to make music independently, Sleep Skee faced a lot of hurdles on the way but kept going for his passion.

Today, Sleep is the founder and CEO of Gwop4Entertainment/Grind2Rise Promotions. He draws his inspiration from failure and success. Moreover, his main sources of motivation are his doubts, haters, and supporters.

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