An Up & Coming Prophet That’s Going To Change The World With His Music - #HHOE

No Lil Rafe isn’t just the Average mumble rapper, No he doesn’t just rap about the typical “Money Money Money” “Women Women Women” “Guns Guns Guns” Its times where he would make those type of songs for the radio or certain communities but for the most part Lil Rafe is a Dynamic and Poetic Bar For Bar beast exploding with punchlines that go over your head, Authenticity, Pain, and most of all stories and His own personal trauma you can connect to

Lil Rafe Is from South Jamaica Queens,Ny, he always was the center of attention, always was captivating and when he walked in the room you just knew !!!! You felt it in your bones! He has a way with his words and can convince you to believe or do anything plus he has a very very distinctive voice you would know it’s him in a room with a million people it’s so scary!!!! No wonder why he’s great in the studio ! His heart is pure and Definitely on his sleeve, he has no problem with showing his emotions as he obviously does in his music, to listen to any of Lil Rafe music Search up Lil Rafe on any major platfor