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ATL Rapper Smokey Bear Puts His "Soul In It" with New Visual

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

The Atlanta music scene consistently generates some of the best rap artists in the hip-hop genre, and rising rapper Smokey Bear is undoubtedly on the list for NEXT UP

Atlanta, Georgia music artist Smokey Bear is putting in major work in the year 2021. As he continues to break many barrels as an indie rapper, the ATL native is making his presents known by dropping music and videos back to back while on the "Atlanta's Big Smoke Tour." His work ethic and consistency can't go unnoticed as he delivers top-quality music for his fans and listeners. In his latest video release, "Soul In It," Smokey expresses the strenuous work he has invested in his music career.

With his new release, "Soul In It," Smokey Bear gives us raw and uncut trap music infused with real-life lyrics that pull every listener in by the ton. The Kush Camp representative put on a show as he floats and surfs over a well-produced hard-hitting instrumental, giving the fans exactly what they want, gutter music reflecting the artist's lifestyle. Fans state that "Soul In It" "could be one of the best solo singles Smokey has dropped this year."

This video has gained him more international awareness and exposure as it continues to rise daily. Stay tuned in because Smokey Bear plans to drop more music and videos in 2021 and beyond. So, join the journey and follow Smokey Bear's career in UHD as he makes his way to the top of hip-hop's food chain.

Stream the new music video "Soul In It" here

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