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Benny Morrell Lets Loose in a Racy Music Video for New Track ‘Bad Taste’ - #HHOE

“Butter! Right on that Mac/.Paak vibe but Benny's making it all his own” - Dave Ruby Howe, triple j Unearthed

Sidepiece sees Benny combining elements of hip-hop, funk and house music, and it's a track that'll get you moving” - Cool Accidents

“The track makes you laugh and boogie all at once, as the eponymous Sidepiece muses on being relegated to the romantic interchange bench” - Like Velvet Music

Fresh off the drop of his debut music video for ‘Sidepiece’, Melbourne artist Benny Morrell wastes no time letting loose in another fun watch for ‘Bad Taste’, a hip hop track about doing whatever the hell you want.

Starting with a tasteful guitar riff that instantly awakens a feeling of sipping cocktails on a hot summer night in Cancún, ‘Bad Taste’ is a smooth head bopper full of punchy one-liners that echo into your own confidence. The song was created for people to let loose and be themselves without worrying about others who will be left with a bad taste.

“I want people to see some attitude and confidence. The song isn’t necessarily that deep but it’s a vibe, and I want people to turn up and blast it through speakers and pour some drinks.”

Inspired by a blend of 90’s hip hop visuals and Happy Gilmore, the accompanying music video produced by Majella Productions, follows Benny as he gets himself into trouble at a golf course while having the time of his life. From flashing old ladies and crashing golf carts to then being served champagne by a butler, the ‘Bad Taste’ music video is unapologetically audacious all while being a little fancy.

Director of the music video, Amber Mealing, said “I wanted to reflect the idea of leaving a bad taste in people's mouths, and what better way than to have some decked out Floridian-looking old golfers practically spewing at the sight of Benny's game (and crotch). I love a caricature, a hyper stylised shoot and some random surprises, so the unusual posse of characters at the end (including my own lil cameo) is a nod to the underdog weirdo in us all, and how it’s way more fun to just be you”.

Benny Morrell, the 20-something Melbourne native established himself through the combination of sharp flows and reflective bars, breaking the shackles of the generic hip hop sound. Taking in a broad palette of influences from artists such as Anderson .Paak, Curtis Mayfield and Paul Simon, Benny’s tracks work together to create a sound that pays homage to his influences and allows his charismatic personality to flourish.

Stay tuned for more of Benny Morrell’s dynamic talent and effortlessly cool nature as he gears up to release more material throughout the year.

Watch ‘Bad Tastehere

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