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Benny Morrell’s Debut EP ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’ Serves as an Ode to his Hometown Melbourne

“The Melbourne native just oozes infectious energy, and his first three singles already have heads turning. His latest, “Bad Taste,” a low-key banger that digs its hook into you from the very start.” - This Song Is Sick

“If you like artists like Mac Miller and Anderson .Paak, then you'll dig Benny Morrell's tunes.” - Cool Accidents

“Benny Morrell, in my experience and years in the industry, will be one of Australia’s leading exports. He’s got a fresh new sound and has the potential to be one of the greats and a future icon” - Aaron Bennett (De La Sol UK & Euro tour manager)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2022 – Melbourne artist Benny Morrell has released his debut EP ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’, a rich blend of hip-hop and soul coloured with vivid nostalgia and lyrical excellence.

Serving as a juxtaposition between the love of a place that formed all his experiences and the restrictions it presented, ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’ is Benny Morrell’s ode to his hometown Melbourne. Writing from shifting perspectives, the EP bridges a compelling depiction of appreciation and criticism, while uncovering moments of sentimental reflection. It explores themes of determination, persistence and restlessness, conveying the idea that there is more beyond the horizon and it’s worth betting on yourself to find out.

Benny Morrell says, “Sonically we wanted to create something unique and authentic, a project that tips its hat to its influences whilst pushing something new into the future. The project is created as a journey and in the songwriting I wanted to reflect this and give an understanding of who I am and my own journey.”

Co-produced by Grammy-nominated Häzel and former Jakubi songwriter Addzy, the EP offers an old soul flavour with live keys, hard hitting drums and samples from all around the world. The title track opens the EP with a gritty street rap, painting an unvarnished picture of Benny Morrell’s hometown, before the hook enters as an inspiring anthem for chasing dreams. Capturing a sense of longing and persistence, the track comes as a solid introduction to the themes that reveal throughout the EP.

Then comes ‘Fortune Cookie’, a smooth tune with a lyrical flow that melts over melancholy keys. Methodical and sophisticated in its storytelling and versatile in its delivery, it’s a track that proves Morrell’s evolution as an artist. Followed by a rather polarising shift in tone is 'WTYM', a track that sends a not-so-subtle bitter message to industry gatekeepers, recounting the all too familiar experience that many independent artists can relate to.

Easily the most reflective piece of the EP, 'Hometown' offers the record's final words while encapsulating its brilliance. Acting as a curtain call for the EP, it's a smooth track that confirms the young artist's knack for intricately written verses and ability to pen memorable hooks - "I'm too fly to be stuck in my hometown".

Growing up writing poetry in a family home playing Fleetwood Mac and Queen, Benny Morrell’s artistry has been shaped by a diverse range of influences. From drama classes at school to discovering both East Coast and West Coast rap in his teens, it ignited a natural gravitation for Morrell towards songwriting and performing as the next creative outlet. Strongly considered as Australia’s answer to the likes of Mac Miller and Anderson.Paak, Morrell comes with his own infectious, entertaining and versatile style that seamlessly blends his pen game and vocal abilities.

Stay tuned for an exciting year ahead for Benny Morrell, with plenty of new material slated for release throughout the coming months that promise to show more of the young artist’s talent.

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