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Bostons Own Jazel Luraahn Is Taking Over The Airwaves With New Release

Well on his way to becoming the number one upcoming Latin artist in Massachusetts, Jazel Luraahn is climbing fast up the music chart. His latest single “Prende” is already exciting fans with its unique Latin rhythms and fun beats. They are already rushing to add this song to their playlist.

“Prende” has already gained 150k streams on Spotify in a week landing in the over 500 curated playlists. The track’s upbeat melodies are fun for listening to in the car or for dancing in their living rooms. Jazel’s smooth voice highlights the catchy lyrics written by the artist. The song is a collaboration with Kiko El Crazy, MC Mari, and Atomic Otro Way. Jazel also did all the production on the song, contributing to its high quality. The song’s success is also due to the skillful management of Argeliz Pepin, who has helped the project to reach different outlets. “Prende” is available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Jazel Luraahn was born to a Dominican family, which influenced his musical style. In 2012, Jazel was nominated and won the “Latin Song of the Year” at the Estrella Awards along with his bandmates who formed a group called “Alofoque.” He has followed the path of success since then. Jazel credits 2ndavenuegroup, up north entertainment v.i.m group, and DJ chocolate play as helping him reach the top of the music charts. Jazel has gone from podcast host of the “MESAROUNDSHOW PODCAST” to an amazing music artist. Jazel is hoping to sign for a major label in the future.

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