Channeling the Poignant and Powerful Emotions of Life with Music: Hip Hop Prodigy Yung Drew

With his brilliant compositions that seamlessly tie together emotional lyricism with captivating Rap and rhythms, Yung Drew is driven to make a name for himself

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 10, 2022 – Yung Drew is a dynamic singer-songwriter who is making all the noise as an up-and-coming artist, with a unique musical ethos. The talented rapper was always moved to try his hand at music and craft his own empowering musical compositions.

The artist’s rise to success was marked by several exciting, meaningful, and memorable records that he dropped one after the other. Breaking into the world of music with his 2012 album, “Lights out” Drew set the stage for himself, as an artist who is invigorated by a passion to deliver emotion-fueled and enriching music.

“Lights out ” was followed by Yung Drew’s yet another stirring record titled, “Loc Gang” (Joke’s on You)”- a heartfelt album that he dropped in 2017, which included 12 powerful singles. The album also included the hit track, “Loc Gang ”, which featured budding artists, Capion and Caleb.