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DavidTheScholar Drops His Most Anticipated EP “Uneducated Scholar”

Hip hop artist DavidTheScholar has created an EP masterpiece that will school listeners about having fun. “Uneducated Scholar” will have hip hop fans moving to the beat.

“Uneducated Scholar” features five tracks including: “Bust Down,” “Missed Calls,” “Enemy,” “Fell Apart,” and “USA.” Each song features the talented songwriting of the artist and his powerful voice. Each song is a slice of life, relating to people’s heartbreak and even their childhood. The tracks speak to listeners from all walks of life, bringing unity to the world. The EP was released on July 25, 2020.

DavidTheScholar started his music career this year. However, his love for music has followed him all his life. He started a YouTube channel at the age of 18 featuring his fantastic dancing skills. DavidTheScholar describes his musical style as a mix of Latin, Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul. The artist credits his later mother for getting him where he is today.

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