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Delivering a Bold and Refreshing New Wave of R&B and Hip Hop: Dynamic Artist King Swagg

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2022 - Marking his stunning return after 5 long years of fans and the industry waiting, Daunte Ealy, better known by his artistic name- King Swagg, is finally back and ready to soar. Magnetizing listeners with a fresh and independent new Ep, “Right Now 2”, the artist is creating all the noise.

A passionate and magnetic release, “Right Now 2” features contemporary Rap artists, Domo McCoy and Trina, and marks the culmination of a soul-searching journey that underscored the project.

“Right Now 2” was the product of a pathway that saw the artist creating over 30 original songs from solos to features, experimenting with diverse rhythms and sounds, and curating melodies with his soul-stirring vocals. Establishing himself within the music industry, the seasoned artist devoted several hours networking to make sure he gets the right message across, and “Right Now 2” reflects his quintessential spirit.

A talented rapper and entrepreneur, King Swagg has been making music seen 2006, when he first released his debut track and put Milwaukee on the map. The artist’s inspiration is to succeed in the music business is to become a role model for his family and kids, and he aims to become the biggest name in the genre that comes out of his city.

King Swagg’s musical trajectory was transformed following the release of his invigorating new single, “Heavy” which caught the eyes of Trina and other contemporary artists, such as Dj drama etc. “Heavy” was succeeded by the artist’s original song “Right now”. His newest EP, “Right Now 2 Ft. Trina” was a surprising new offering for fans and family, which was made available on all the artist’s platforms.

“Right Now 2 is an answer to anybody who doubted me. I need my siblings…for support which I don’t have, because I lost a sibling to the street (rest in peace jashaye), having 4 brothers incarcerated and losing a daughter,” contemplates King Swagg regarding his music.

Check out King Swagg’s newest EP, Right Now 2 ft Trina’ to get your necessary dose of motivation, and stream the artist’s new releases on his official music platforms. Follow him on social media for updates, and reach out through the contact information above for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.


With a line of stirring and rousing musical compositions, budding rapper King Swagg is ready and set to climb atop the charts in Rap and R&B. Having faced numerous trials and tribulations in life, including incarceration and his mother’s scarring death, King Swagg found music to be a unique form of solace. He continues to enthrall and amaze listeners, crafting for himself a unique position in the fast-paced genre.

The artist was always immersed in the soul-stirring and riveting force of music, penning down poetry as a child while attending Morse Middle City. Inspired and driven to use his talents in music to impact people’s lives, King Swagg began working on independent musical compositions in a recording studio.


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