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Dough the Freshkid Drops a New Video for "BLOW," Off His Latest Classic Album "Tal's Cafe"

When fans of hip-hop mention the music's quality and content, they all can admit that it has made a drastic change over the decades. As social media continue to drive most of the independence for many rappers, it helps them maintain their music style without limitation from record labels. This new way of presenting music can leave many rappers clueless about the fundamentals of real hip-hop music. With many rappers sounding identical within the new generation of hip-hop, you can still sit back and point out some of the powerful sounds and techniques used in the Golden Era.

As times pass and hip-hop changes, many artists maintain the sound of real lyrical, poetic, and storytelling lyrics, which leave the audience and listeners with a positive message and an outlook on life. Mainstream media and radio often hide these caliber type artists, and it's our job as fans to make sure their talents and skills don't go unnoticed. From potent lyricism to magnificent wordplay with metaphors that stands out like no other, and this is what we call a real hip-hop artist. Dough the Freshkid is one hip-hop artist who put his all into his music while leaving his fans with a powerful message through music.

Dough the Freshkid is from California's great state, the Crenshaw District, native to the late great Nipsey Hussle. Growing up in California, DTFK has been continuously surrounded by the hip-hop culture, from artist like Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, DJ Quick, and the list go on and on. With reliable musical content, staying consistent, and undeniable talent, DTFK has created a significant name for himself as an artist who stays true to the roots of hip-hop. As he continues to expand his catalog by working with top-notch producers and artists from all over the United States, Dough the Freshkid has released a new visual for "Blow" from his latest album "Tals Cafe."

Dough the Freshkid introduces his new video with the perfect visual by videographer Alex Pardo which takes place in the late 1940s. In this new movie, DTFK recruits his fellow Crenshaw District counterparts, Cuzzy Capone and Wee Dogg, who are label mates of the All Money In Brand. The three lyrical artist places us in a time when you had no choice but to maintain and make a living off serving "Blow." The video theme is a reenacting of criminal mob bosses robbing banks in the late 1940s.

DTFK is on a meteoric rise after releasing several mixtapes and three albums that the fans considered classic. This artist is most definitely on our top 5 artist list. Stay tuned in and follow Dough the Freshkid on social media.

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