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Emerging NC Artist 'D Frazier' New Single Hits 12k Streams, Less Than 72 Hrs.

North Carolina rising hip hop artist 'D Frazier' displays his best work with the new single release entitled '4 AM Stainless.' D Frazier shows the listeners while he is here to stay. This single release is not like no other and brings music to the forefront of the music industry.

With only 72 hours since the release, '4 AM Stainless' has gained over 12K streams on Warner Center Music Group Soundcloud platform. The new single is making its rounds and getting plenty of attention from many record label A&R's and promotion companies.

D Frazier has been in the rap industry, making noise for some time now, and his popularity is steady on the rise. The North Carolina rapper has recently released music with megastar rapper Lil Flip from Houston, TX, entitled "Purple Drank." The single is most definitely a fan favorite because of the smooth melody track that takes you back while enjoying good vibes.

To check out more of D Frazier music, or reach out to him for an interview, podcast, or radio show, contact LAFAME via information that's located below.

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