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Evolving the Music Scene With Refreshing Beats – DJKP FrankBrandz Shines in Latest Release

Bringing quality hip hop to the streets of Colorado, the rising artist quickly garners fame and a loyal fan base

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, July 10, 2022 – DJKP FrankBandz is an up and coming recording artist who is on the rise, and has been making waves in the sphere of hip hop. His latest project released on June 10th 2022 and it will be titled “3280Locust St”.Executively produced by DJKP FrankBandz, while being complimented with beats by Treezy Made It, Dummpy, The Late Vangoh Rest In Peace and a few other producers, the album is masterfully structured by world famous DJ SHON, allowing the album to truly stand on its own due to its original style and catchy hooks.

It is quite a rare occurrence for an up and coming hip hop artist to set the tone in the industry in such a trail-blazing fashion, but DJKP FrankBrandz with his album ‘Project 3280Locust St Release’ is making a name for himself. The album prides on being an exceptional masterpiece in the sphere of rap particularly because DJKP FrankBandz has poured his entire heart into each and every lyric, making sure that every line conveys more passion and more energy than the one before. His unique sound, mic control, and high energy shows make him one of the most unique and reputable rising talents in the industry today.

What keeps DJKP FrankBandz motivated throughout his production process is the undying love and supplies he gets from his fans, his mother, his brothers and his grandmother. Having lived a rough life where it was not easy for him to make ends meet initially. DJKP FrankBandz understands the consistent effort it takes for one to achieve their dreams, which is why he has no plans on stopping his ascent anytime soon. He aspires to continue touring, and settle a few partnerships in the near future. 2022 is also the year that will see a plethora of releases from the artist, as he continues to expand his business and discography by taking it internationally. He also has high hopes of landing a billboard top 100 single this year.

Go to to discover more about the artist, and feel free to follow him on social media via the links provided down below. Moreover, feel free to reach out to the artist via the email address provided down below to schedule interviews and collaborations

DJKP Frankbandz - Tee Grizzley (Prod. VANGOH)


For a decade DJKP FrankBandz has evolved the music scene in Denver,CO now traveling city to city. Recognized by tearing up concerts and clubs being a disc jockey. Working in several studios FrankBandz started focusing on creating original content. Inspired by DJ Quik, DJKP mastered being a MC and alongside founder World Famous DJ SHON released a mixtape series. Ranking downloads and heavy exposure led to major tour placements and festivals. Currently expanding DJKP FrankBandz is working on his second major project in Atlanta,GA with WAMM Studios. Rumors Of WAMM Entertainment Making an offer to sign the independent musician; however “We Major” The Label based in Chicago are DJKP”s current affiliates.


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