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Exploring the Meaning Behind BlackLiq's 'The Culture' New Music Video

“The internet is fake, but my content is real." These are the words which with BlackLiq starts off his new single, "The Culture", from his new album fully produced by fellow richmond resident DEJECT aka Bando Mane, THE LIE. The hidden expectations that are placed upon modern artists to "pay to play", "sell out" and follow guidelines like "promotion over product". All the while the artist is left wondering how much of it is the public/fans in on? From this dislike and disgust of hawking for the grand sparkling lie and joining the chorus of contradiction that most artists pool into, "The Culture" is the sign that says: “Enough”.

BlackLiq "The Culture" Animated Video

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The Year of Rabbit, 2023, finds BlackLiq looking at the industry traveling deep down the rabbit hole that is "the industry" with a magnifying glass while making notes on all the schemes and agendas that modern rappers must circumvent. So what has he discovered? Vast levels of shenanigans and buffoonery that is roleplayed and presented as content, all for the sake of generating "followers." THE LIE. Creating an orchestra for BlackLiq to speak his mind on is DEJECT aka Bando Mane, another Richmond, Virginia resident. The two artists have come together to make a ten song album called "THE LIE" that exposes the twisted Chutes and Ladders game that artists must play in order to get "success" in the entertainment industry. BlackLiq even pushes back on the audience, at points questioning their part in all these trappings. You can almost feel a Gladiator "Are you not entertained?" moment arising. The album, with all the right parts of frustration, motivation, self destruction, and satire will be released on vinyl and digital on Bandcamp via Man Bites Dog Records on 11/17/23. "THE LIE" will be streaming on all DSP services 12/1/23.

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