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Feez Da Popstar Explores the "Friendzone" with New Hip-Hop Single "M T F (More Than Friends)"

Navigating the complex space between friendship and romance, often referred to as the “friendzone,” is the focus of Feez Da Popstar’s new song, "M T F (More Than Friends)." This track delves into the emotions of being caught in a “situationship” where one person desires more than friendship. Hailing from New York, Feez Da Popstar has already garnered thousands of streams on digital platforms and returns with this Hip-Hop banger to resonate with anyone facing unreciprocated feelings.


The lyrics of the song cleverly reflect the concerns of a person who is emotionally engaged with someone else, but is not completely clear about the other’s feelings or intentions:


“MTF means more than friends, 

Not how it begins but how it ends.

Am I the one it all depends,

Am I the one you're gonna defend.”


Feez Da Popstar adds: “Have you ever had a good friend that you just click with vibe love to be around? And the more you are friends with them the more you realize you want to be more than just friends with them. I'm sure we all have.” 


Without a doubt, the song portrays the most romantic version of Feez Da Popstar, opening completely and letting his true emotions and thoughts come out. All of this in the hope that the other person will be willing to take their relationship beyond friendship. The artist further explains, “This song is me saying that person what I've been holding in for a long time.”


Now based between the vibrant state of North Carolina and the incredible Honolulu in Hawaii, Feez Da Popstar emerges as the alter-ego of the renowned DJ Jay Faire. As a multi-faceted artist, Feez Da Popstar evolved from just mixing to singing, writing, and producing as well. 


Up to date, the artist’s top streamed song is “Hard Candy” which sits at 450k streams on Spotify, and one of his most recent singles “All I need Is” is quickly growing as well with over 330k streams. In addition, Feez Da Popstar’s career is full of bright highlights related to the track “Down For You (Party Get Lit)”. This thrilling high energy party anthem has over one million streams on Spotify. In addition, the track gained Radio rotations in stations such as 98.7 WRVZ the Beat in Charleston WV, Power 101.7 WZEB Maryland, KPAT Santa Monica, WWKX Providence, Now FM Las Vegas and KPST 103.5 Palm Springs.

“M T F (More Than Friends)”

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