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Fly Hitta Steez Reflects On His Life In New Single, “Why”

California is known for its traditional West Coast sound and taste for fashion, but over the years, the sound of music has changed dramatically worldwide, leaving us clueless on what state or region the artist represents. With tremendous artists emerging out of the Cali area and making a name for themselves, one artist by the name of Fly Hitta Steez is steady on the rise. Steez is one artist that stands out from the rest with his melodic flow, relatable lyrics, versatility, and charisma, which draws the attention of millions and diverse audiences internationally. Steez is ready to present his vision to the world after being incarcerated for more than a decade.

Fly Hitta Steez started his music career years ago and has a couple of singles ready for the hip-hop community and the world of entertainment. The California native shares his life experiences and struggles through hip-hop music and can be heard on his new 2020 debut album, “Long Time Coming.” Which is available now on all major music platforms and streaming sites. “Long Time Coming” is more than music but a representation of Fly Hitta Steez's life, his pain, struggles, and challenges he has faced.

Stream "Long Time Coming" Album by Fly Hitta Steez

The Cali hip-hop artist is a product of Lynwood, born and raised, and began his musical journey after discovering and listening to some of his favorite artists. Such as “Ten Crack Commandments” by Notorious BIG and “Can’t Knock The Hustle” by the legendary Jay Z. Steez also stated that “being able to express himself through his love for music is how he found a sense of normalcy.”

The new debut is comprised of some of the most heartfelt music that will touch you emotionally and will also inspire you. With every single track, you get to experience and know who Fly Hitta Steez really is as a person and artist. He is more than a lyricist but a creative musical mastermind. With songs like “Why,” that sheds light on growing up fatherless, and life struggle as a kid and adult has taking Fly Hitta talents and craft to another level, better known as the Art of Storytelling. The track “Why” highlights Fly Hitta’s growing up without a role model while trying to find his place in life, which made him repeatedly ask the same question about life and trying to find his way.

Stream "Why" by Fly Hitta Steez

If you are looking for music with meaning and a purpose, this is the album and artist for you. For more information on Fly Hitta Steez follow him on social media at @flyhitta_steez.


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Jeff Griggs
Jeff Griggs
Jun 19, 2020

not bad man

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