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Headlines Return With Striking New Single ‘Out Of Business’

A cut above the rest, Melbourne hip hop outfit Headlines returns with a new single

‘Out Of Business’ off their forthcoming second EP.

Bringing in emotive, transcending and hard-hitting rhymes, Headlines continues to

impress with their latest offering. The trio emphasis that they want to take their

listeners on a journey of the unknown.

“I feel like this song takes you on a journey. To where I don't know, but it’s a wild

ride,” said Dstnce.

“We wanted to make sure the listeners felt like they travelled through this song.

From a pulsing bass soaked beginning, coupled with stacked crunchy drums,

double time bars, and a deep moody layered outro. ”

The hip hop group bring both flavour and style from both sides of the spectrum,

whilst putting their own sound and elements that make them unique.

Headlines are a hip hop group hailing from Melbourne. Featuring rapper/musician

Aye One, rapper/producer Dstnce and rapper/vocalist Teepz. Together they’ve

been writing tunes and rocking shows for the last few years. 2019 saw them

release their debut self titled E.P, along with a solo record from Dstnce. They also

played a stack of shows across Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne supporting

the likes of P Smurf, Krown & Pang Productions.

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