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Hip Hop Artist 'Da Gift' Dedicates His Latest Single To Hip-Hop Culture

Hip hop star Da Gift is ready to make some noise with a love letter to the genre. “Dear Hip Hop” celebrates Hip Hop as well as being a shout out to major stars of the industry.

“Dear Hip Hop” has all the strong, bass-filled hip hop beats a listener could want. It is combined with unique lyrical stylings of Da Gift. The track will have the speakers shaking and the body moving as it plays. The song and video are set to be released on August 28. The single is a prelude to the release of Da Gift’s album “KING” is dropping on the 28th as well.

Da Gift has been a singer and songwriter for 18 years. He has spent the time releasing great hits and improving his craft. Da Gift says his biggest musical influences are LL. COOL J, RAKIM, and EMINEM. He hopes audiences will enjoy his music and spread the word about the fantastic tracks.

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