Hip Hop Artist Lofrd Breaks Through with New Album

With the release of his raw and breathtaking 8-track album, ‘I Apologize for My Fuck Ups’, Lofrd is changing the scape of Hip Hop and Rap

IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2021 - A formidable new voice in Hip Hop, Lofrd hopes to follow his heart’s ways, exploring the rough, rugged, and raw realities of life, while staying true to his own musical rhythms. A promising name in Hip Hop, Lofrd is a masked enigma, who demands anonymity by wearing a mask and experimenting with the many hues and shades of Hip Hop.

Armed with his unique musical calling, Lofrd sheds light on the darker sides of life, with his new music album titled, ‘I Apologize for My Fuck Ups’. Having released on 8th October, 2021, the soul-stirring album was made single handedly in the artist’s bedroom at the age of 19 over the course of a year.

During this period, Lofrd struggled with life’s many devices, embroiled in a mental turmoil and suffering in a dark place. It was during that time that music helped him, inspiring Lofrd to share his story with the world. Channeling his stories through the power of Rap, the eclectic artist drew inspiration from the dark tones of suicideboys and ghostmane and the emo Rap of Juice Wrld and Lil peep.