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Hip Hop Artist Soul Lingasiku is Ready to Release the Single “The Shade” on October 24, 2020

Soul Lingasiku was born in Birmingham, Alabama, as a first generation Tanzanian-American, Soul grew up in a home where his parents would sing African hymns to him and his brothers. This is where his first motivation to write music came from. A huge R&B and 90’s hip hop music fanatic, Soul has always believed that music has healing abilities that can cure any suffering spirit, be it physically, mentally, or emotionally. To help people through difficult times in their lives, Soul’s music is inspired by daily life events with which people resonate on a personal level. From depression to the pandemic, Soul has got everything covered for his listeners.

Soul is ready to drop his latest project, an astounding single titled “The Shade” on October 24, 2020 which is an introduction to his  upcoming album SOUL SAFARII. This song is about a guy going through a classic break up; however, it is not another-breakup-song. Instead of talking about agony, pain, and suffering, Soul motivates people through his words by helping them transform their depression and melancholy into something positive. By using gratitude, he highlights things like heartbreak and even death in a relatable yet optimistic manner. He then uses this perspective to advise those who may be going through the same thing. With many more EPs and album releases up his sleeve, Soul is ready to sway his listeners off their feet.

Soul has been passionate about writing music since the early age of 9 years. Telling about his musical journey, Soul says, “I remember being in middle school not being able to focus because all I wanted to do was write music and freestyle instead of studying. I would always have hooks in my mind that made me excited to get home and record. Years later, my brother Hosea creates an Independent music label called Studio Simba that I am currently under.”

Soul has performed internationally across the world as a special guest on live shows, has been featured on special hip hop podcasts,  and has also been interviewed live for his music. He draws inspiration from the likes of Nas, Stevie Wonder, Kendrick Lamar, Andre3000, Mos-def, James Brown, and Bob Marley. Apart from being a great musician, Soul is also an excellent B-boy breakdancer. He is also highly inspired by the hip-hop community for making music.

He gives a beautiful message to his fans of following their hearts and becoming great examples to inspire people to do better. With his passion and optimistic approach towards music, Soul is rapidly paving his way through the music industry. Listen to  Soul’s music on leading platforms now through this link,

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