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"I'mPerfect": A Barbie-Inspired Pop Confection by Jules and F.Y.D.I Celebrating Imperfection

With the overwhelming popularity of the Barbie movie right now, every woman is reflecting on her own experiences growing up with the doll – both positive and negative – and “I’mPerfect,” the new single by Toronto singer-songwriters Jules and F.Y.D.I, was born of these reflections.

Written by Maria Fidela-Dafnas, director of the TN Management modeling agency, the song came about when she was sitting in her office one day thinking about the exact doll she had tried to resemble in her teenage years. “As a result, I continued to fit the mold of being the perfect doll and pursued a career in the film and modeling industry, where like the lyrics say… we were encouraged to be 34-24-34,” she remembers. “The superficial unrealistic world of fitting into ‘the perfect body’ led to me noticing the problems stemming from these ideals, such as eating disorders, depression, and anxiety.”

The resulting song is a chill, electronic, lounge-y pop confection that’s guaranteed to get your head bopping, and your fist pumping – in empowerment!

Don't have to be a perfect girl

To live in this imperfect world

Learned to love my scars

Accept them for what they are

Girls we are beautiful

For who we are

Don't need to be no Hollywood superstar

Two sensational talents in the industry, Canadian singer-songwriter Jules, and well-rounded Australian-born Toronto-based musician F.Y.D.I converged to create a pop-absorbed collaboration in “I’mPerfect,” turning Marie’s vision into a vibrant, colorful reality. They recently performed the single at TD Music Hall, to amazing feedback and wonderful audience participation.

“I felt the need to share my message with two amazing artists, Jules and F.Y.D.I, who are both true to the lyrics and want to help make my unspoken words of yesterday, their spoken words today,” said Marie. “‘I’mPerfect’ is a tribute to all the women who inspire me every day. I felt compelled to remind the world that true beauty is in authenticity and that imperfections are what make us perfectly human. Through this song, I hope to encourage ALL women to embrace their true selves, walk confidently in their own narratives, and revel in the beauty of being in a world that often demands.”

Jules, a Canadian singer-songwriter, stands as a testament to the power of musical exploration and evolution. With influences ranging from pop, alternative, EDM, and rock, Jules’ artistic journey is a symphony of creativity that knows no bounds. Born and raised in Vaughan, Ontario, Jules is an artist with a very energetic, pop vibe! As a young girl, her voice was discovered through singing competitions and talent showcases, capturing the attention of those who witnessed her raw talent and innate ability to convey emotions through her voice.

Ernestine Perkins (F.Y.D.I), the oldest of four kids, was born in The Ivory Coast. Her family migrated to South Australia when she was seven years old. She is West African raised and educated in Australia. She attended an all-girls performing arts high school, where she started singing and developing her passion for music. Growing up in Adelaide, South Australia, Ernestine was part of the school choir, rock band, ukulele ensemble and drama club.

She started writing music after she graduated high school and went to college to study for a double degree in the Bachelor of International Studies and Bachelor of Media. She moved to Toronto, Ontario just over a year ago. She wanted to learn music production, so she began to teach herself. All of her current music is fully self- written and self-produced. She plays guitar, ukulele, a bit of piano and the drums.


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