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“I Step On The Gas” from Vukac MC Goes Viral – Nikola Tefov, Produced An Instant Hit

The single is produced by Nikola Tefov for Macedonian Rapper Aleksander Petrov aka Vukac MC and former band member from the Grammy-winning Latin band “Fulatino” Sam Serraty aka SamGotDI, is going viral all over the internet

Clifton, NJ — February 17th, 2022 – Every up-and-coming artist dreams of going viral over the internet. Nikola Tefov, in collaboration with Aleksandar Petrov (who prefers to go by Vukac MC), and Sam Serraty, has made this dream into a reality by crafting an ingenious single titled ‘’I Step On The Gas’’. The song is currently going viral on streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, 17live, and popular social media apps like TikTok and Instagram.

Nikola Tefov was born and raised in Negotino, Macedonia. He is an American/Macedonian artist, actor, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur who began playing the guitar and piano at the tender age of 6. He has over ten years of experience in music production, including numerous collaborations with platinum recording artists and record labels. He has also been working on some solo projects for the past few years.

Aleksandar Petrov is also known as Vukac MC. He was also born in Negotino, Macedonia, and is a rapper, singer, and clarinet player. Hip hop being his favorite sphere of music, he started to write his first original song in 2004, and has continued making music ever since. Luckily, he met Nikola Tefov, and was amazed at his talent at such a young age. Their strong friendship and mutual love for music resulted in “I Step On The Gas”, a thrilling blend of rap and alternative hip hop music that is in a league of its own. Released on December 27th by NT Music on all platforms, the song was an instant success because of its unique combination of artists – a Macedonian rapper in collaboration with a Latin American rapper is perhaps the new recipe for a viral hit song.

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“I Step On The Gas” was released on December 27th on Christmas day, by NT Music on all platforms. The writer and producer is Nikola Tefov who is better known as NT Beats, and is also an audio engineer and artwork designer. SamGotDI and Vukac MC were involved in the writing process as well. Inspirations for the song were hip hop icons like Eminem, 50cent, T.I., Royce Da’ 59, etc. With such a bold and passionate approach towards hip hop, and music in general, the artists collaborating on this single have proven that there is a widespread appreciation for diversity in music. With the single going viral all over the internet and harvesting numerous views every hour, Nikola and his partners are determined to replicate the recipe over time. Their future plans include having more songs and further projects with both artists, along with bigger collaborations with big names in the industry.


NT Music Name: NT Media Email: Phone: 9086662323

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