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Jamaican Sensation Jamake Set to Soar with Dynamic Musical Compositions - #HHOE

With the release of a refreshing new collaboration with contemporary rising artists under the purview of Makeinhere LLC Ginvelle Records, budding Pop singer and song writer, Jamake is driven to make a name for himself in the stunning world of music, following his own rhymes and rhythms.

Using a rich and eclectic musical talent, which is rooted in smooth delivery and seamless flow, rising singer and song writer, Jamake is set to take the music world by storm. With a mesmerizing and captivating approach towards music, the talented artist is motivated to enthrall listeners, while experimenting and evolving his own unique and peerless artistry in Hip Hop, Pop, and Rap music.

Currently looking forward to enlivening and capturing listeners with the rhythmic and catchy musical composition, “Pippi Longstock”, the dynamic artist aims to immerse listeners in a whole different dimension, submerging them fully and completely in the musical waves. Featuring the brilliance of budding artists Just Grady and GV_Suckafree under the production of Makeinhere LLC Ginville Records, the up-and-coming singer brings with himself a stirring flavor of Jamaican music and its electric styles. “Pippi Longstock” is dominated with a fun flow and stylistic element and is an exhilarating experience to vibe along to.

Having released on Apple Music and Soundcloud on 17th June, 2021, the captivating single stands out from other Pop singles, due to its rich and exciting mix of song writing and beats, driven from a strong Jamaican style and musical sense. The delivery on the track is bound to get anyone moving and grooving, entranced by the catchy dance feels and imbued with a feeling of euphoria.

Follow the links to buy and download Jamake’s electric new music on Soundcloud and Apple Music, and/or follow the links below to contact the artist for interviews, reviews, and collaborations.


Up-and-coming singer and song writer, Jamake is a stirring force in the world of music. With his electrifying and upbeat Pop and Hip Hop tracks, the budding artist is looking forward to exploring his musical talents, while also getting people immersed in a feeling of happiness. Jamake is confident that listening to his music will get anyone to dance happily, inspired and moved by the fun hooks and roots music. Paying homage to his Jamaican roots, Jamake is looking forward to becoming a household name in the genres, while also continuing to build on his musical prowess and genius abilities.

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