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Jazz/Hip Hop Artist Roy 3 Is Making His Presence Felt Through An Original & Versatile Brand of Music

At a time when music lovers are constantly looking to listen from a varied range of music genres, versatility is paramount for artists. Consumers are no longer satisfied with a specific type of music, as they wish to explore various genres and enhance their taste. Roy 3.0 is pivoting his music career around a versatile brand of music. In his relatively short music career, he has already made his way up the ranks quite effectively.

Roy 3.0 is a Jazz pianist and hip hop artist from the United States of America. Apart from his musical expertise, Roy is also a producer. Though Jazz and Hip Hop are quite far apart, Roy’s music has been appreciated by the fans of both these music genres. 

Growing up, Roy had always been interested in music, and he followed legendary jazz and hip hop artists diligently. Eventually, when he decided to take up music professionally, he drew inspiration from those legends. 

‘I have grown up listening to the legends of hip hop and jazz. I followed their music, the way they prepared and carried themselves. I developed my craft and work ethic by looking up to them. All these legends have played a massive role in what I have achieved today.’ – Roy 3.0

A few among Roy’s most appreciated songs are AJ3, Strides, and No Surprise. His latest release Poppin has also been well accepted throughout the music community. Interestingly, each of his songs is based on the experiences he has had throughout his life. As a result, the music, lyrics, and overall vibe of his songs are very relatable. That is one of the main reasons why audiences connect deeply with Roy 3.0’s music.

Commenting on what drives him to create music, Roy says, ‘I have a deep passion for music, and the zeal to become the best version of myself. All my creations are inspired by observations and experiences from my life. These beautiful experiences – good or bad, motivates me to create music.’

With a strong focus on authentic and versatile music creation, Roy 3.0 promises to be the next big star in the world of music. All his songs are streaming on major music platforms including Spotify and Apple Music

Artist Name: Roy 3.0

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