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King ISO Releases "iLLdren" LP and New Video "Feel" feat. Tech N9ne and Matt Phoenix OUT TODAY

October 27, 2023 (Los Angeles, CA) Today, King Iso uncovers his anxiously awaited new album, iLLdren, out now via Strange Music. Listen to iLLdren HERE.

He celebrates the arrival of the record with the music video for the new single “Feel” [feat. Tech N9ne & Matt Phoenix]. Watch the video HERE.

The song kickstarts this body of work with an openhearted lyrical bloodletting and cathartic chorus. Clean guitar underscores the verses as energy builds towards Iso’s starkly honest refrain as he hopes to “Put down the drink and drugs, so I can feel again.” The visual finds Iso, Tech, and Matt behind bars in an ominous holding cell straight out of a sci-fi nightmare. It brings the push-and-pull of their words to life.

About the song, Iso commented, “I was a teenager during my last suicide attempt. I took a bunch of pills, and I ended up at this church. I prayed to God. I wanted him to let me save that young boy who is me. I woke up the next day, and I had another breath. After I was admitted last year, I hadn’t been clean for a long time. I was smoking and drinking, and I had a bad breakdown. I felt all of the traumas come back. On the song, Tech, Matt, and I are all discussing our childhood pain and tragedy. It’s a beautiful way to begin.

Right out of the gate, iLLdren has garnered glowing acclaim. Folk N Rock christened it “one of the most powerful albums of the year,” going on to rave, “With this album, King Iso proves that he’s not just a rapper; he’s a modern-day bard whose tales are as enlightening as they are entertaining.

Thus far, he has bulldozed the way for iLLdren with the likes of “Nightmare,” “Young” and “Way You Are.” Opening up about his son’s Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis on the latter, the song has really begun to resonate. Autisticana affirmed, “This song shows just how important neurodivergent are to society as they can help raise awareness with their abilities and special needs, despite them being ‘different’.” Dancing About Architecture asked, “When was the last time such a song said anything this timely and universally relevant, yet this honest and personal…this important? Not for a long time, I’d guess.” In addition, it picked up plugs from Music Existence, Folk N Rock, and more.

Maintaining a prolific pace, “Way You Are” followed the equally tender “My Kids.” Beyond gaining traction at DSPs, it also landed plugs from VENTS Magazine, HipHop Over Everything, and more.

It landed in the wake of “Step Daddy.” The latter has already generated 293K streams and 152K YouTube views on the music video. It continues to gain steam though buoyed by fan enthusiasm, reaction videos, and excitement.

Meet iLLdren now.


Baby Blues

1) Welcome To iLLdren (Intro)

2) Feel (featuring Tech N9ne & Matt Phoenix)

3) iLLdren

4) Stoned

5) CPS (featuring X-Raided)

6) Voices (featuring Redro)

7) Midwest Baby (featuring Snake Lucci)

Teen Trauma


9) Young

10) Teen Suicide

11) Nightmare

12) Holes (featuring Taebo Tha Truth)

13) Run Away

14) PTPA (featuring Tinywiings)

15) Love Me

Adult Adversity

16) My Kids

17) Way You Are

18) Step Daddy

19) Attack Of The Clones (featuring C-Mob)

20) Dear Mama



If you need a voice, King Iso is here for you. If you’re stuck in your head, he’ll show you the way out. If you need to know you’re not alone, he’s already been there and back again…

The Newport, Rhode Island-born rapper, who spent his formative years in Omaha, has braved an endless battlefield of mental health struggles only to gain life-saving wisdom, which powers his sixth full-length offering iLLdren [Strange Music]. After generating tens of millions of streams and packing shows, he issues an important and impactful message to a broken generation who needs to hear it the most. Iso hasn’t just confronted pain in his music; he’s wrangled it into an ever-evolving sonic beast. He has survived a turbulent upbringing, suicide attempts, hospitalization, homelessness, and despair and risen up with a string of fan favorite albums, including Autophobia [2016], Dementia [2018], World War Me [2020], and Get Well Soon [2022]. Along the way, his fiery flow burned bright on one of the biggest independent rap songs of all-time “Face Off, placing him alongside Tech N9ne, Joey Cool, and Dwayne Johnson. Beyond acclaim from, Rock The Bells, and more, he has earned high praise from peers such as Brian Burkheiser of platinum hard rock outfit I Prevail who dubbed him “one of the realest dudes and musicians I’ve ever met.” Now, he faces calls out to a generation who needs a voice on iLLdren and more to come.


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