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La Fame and Drakeo Link on Marketing Too Put Los Angles on the Map Even More

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

During the year 2021, Hip-Hop artists have made plenty of cash from great digital marketing, along with reliable content. The downfall of the music festival, shows, and concerts, some hip hop artists make sure to stay consistent with social media presence. With the rapid growth in new artists, trap beats, and the rise of cultural appreciation, the west coast has produced some of the most versatile artists in the industry. In the midst of the west coast incline, Los Angeles Top Promoter La Fame and West Coast artist Drakeo the Ruler joins forces to put LA music in the forefront of the West Coast Hip-Hop.

Amongst the top-tier artist, one particular artist that stands out the most is Drakeo The Ruler. The artist is well known for his low-key vibe lyrics vibing over rigid 808 and trap sounds. This particular sound caught DJ Mustards' attention, which led the producer to remix Drakeo's song, "Mr. Get Dough." After the track blessed him with worldwide notary and recognition, he decided to drop a mixtape, "Am Mr. Mosely 1 & 2", under DJ Mustards record label. The tape featured stars like Lil Yachty and Shy Glizzy.

The West Coast new sensation was dealing with a murder case as he continued to work on his career and making it happen. During the time he was locked up, his team released the visual for "Roll Bounce," which did incredible numbers on YouTube. While locked up, he recorded some of his most incredible tapes, "Thank You for Using GTL." Currently, Drakeo is home from fighting a murder case and making new moves in the music industry with new marketing guru La Fame.

La Fame is known for helping artists expand their brand, label, and music to the earth's four corners. He will be working closely with the Drakeo this year. La Fame's work ethic is extraordinary as he puts his clients first before all, making him one of a kind in the music industry.

La Fame is well-known across Los Angeles, CA, as LastKingsFAME, where he worked closely with multi-platinum artist/rapper TYGA. La Fame is geared-up to bring Drakeo and his brand some of the best digital marketing known to the industry.

La Fame has worked with megastars from all over the country, such as Lil Reese, Ballout, Murdah Baby, Tropico & AGoff, to name a few. He is currently working with other big names and upcoming artists to build his resume and legacy for himself and his family. If you are looking for real top-notch promotion and digital marketing, La Fame is the promoter for you.

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HipHop Tea
HipHop Tea
31 mars 2021

dont like him at all

07 nov. 2023
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Gloria Stale
Gloria Stale
21 févr. 2021

luv from nigeria

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