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LA's Top Promoter LaFame Shares Advice For All New Musicians In Exclusive Interview

IAAMTAKO had the opportunity to sit down and interview LAFAME, one of the top promoters in Los Angeles, California. LAFAME is well known across Los Angeles, CA area as LastKingsFAME, where he worked closely with multi-platinum artist/rapper TYGA. Earlier in his career, he made a name for himself and accomplished a lot by putting musicians and artists in an excellent possession to succeed in the music industry.

The LA promoter is more than just a digital marketer and businessman, but also he is known for being the CEO of his record label "Warner Center Music Group." With his new record label on the move to success, LAFAME is continuously scouting for new talent all over the world to help expand his brand and label.

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LAFAME has worked with megastars from all over the country, such as Lil Reese, Ballout, Skippa Da Flippa, Murdah Baby, & AGoff, to name a few. Currently, he is working with other big-names and upcoming artists to build his resume and legacy for himself and his family. If you are looking for real top-notch promotion and digital marketing, LAFAME is the promoter for you.

Stream The Exclusive Interview With LAFAME

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