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Listen To This Beat And Relax’ With Quan Aqua Faust’s New Song, “Got Me Like”

It’s hard not to when “Got Me Like” by Quan Aqua Faust have you feeling like a “Meal Deal ”.

ROCHESTER, NY, US, March 14, 2023 – On the single, premiered on September 12 2021, the Rochester singer-songwriter layers soft vocals and melodies into an upbeat, hip hop filled tune.

Quan wrote this song as a way to switch up the mood, his fans were asking to give them something more vibrant and popping. So this track was created to maintain a smooth flow and transition between genres and moods. The artist produces all of his songs with the help of his team of producers.

“Got Me Like” is an American speaking term that pretty much means ‘make me feel like,’ and there have been multiple occasions where people would find themself in a mental attraction with someone hence the term “Got Me Like”.

Apart from his own artistic ventures, Quan has also been writing music for various artists and opening shows on tour for artists as well. Independently releasing music, Quan aims to land a record deal with a reputable label. The artist is currently working on his debut album, which will be a combination of about 12 songs.

“Got Me Like”, released on September 12 2021. Check it out here – This track sold 15,000 units, mostly popular in NYC and the music video was also shot there. Here’s the link to the video –

But that was not where this tuneful song began, Quan’s team thought of how great of an idea it would be to release the music video before the classic. The video has been growing in audience, so much that it gained attention from influencers on TikTok and other social media platforms. With the help of director Dilano Halo, the extraordinary music video for ‘Got Me Like’ was released on May 22 2021. Check it out on the links below –

Quan Aqua Faust is also set to take center stage this year, as he is working on his debut album, “I’m currently in album mode right now” he said during a radio interview. You may keep up to date by following the links below;

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