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Meet Mr. Reeves, New Jersey Based Producer, Emcee, & Podcaster in Exclusive Interview

Tell us a little about your music... My music reflects my experiences, observations, ambitions & what’s going on.

What city do you represent? I grew up between Brooklyn, NY & Newark aka Brick City / NJ. Shouts to East Orange!

How has being where you are from influenced your music and career? My environment helped to mold my creativity & showed me the importance of networking.

How would you describe the music that you typically create? Versatile, raw yet smooth, lyrical & musical . When I get into my storytelling bag, I aim to make the song feel like a movie.

What is your creative process like before and during the studio? My creative process depends on what I’m inspired to do. I might be inspired to just write or might be inspired to make beats. During studio sessions, I’m laid back but focused on making the best music.

How much music do you have available online for fans and new listeners like myself? I have mixtapes on, and I have one EP & three albums out now & more are on the way!

Who are some of your biggest influencers or favorite rappers in the music industry? Nas, Wu-Tang, Jay-Z, Scarface, Kendrick, J-Cole

If you could work with any artist in the world (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

JCole, Westside Gunn, Kendrick Lamar, I could hit them with some fire production that would feel right for them.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be? The dirty, foul way some people operate.

When it comes to branding and marketing your music, how do you distinguish yourself from other artists? I’m not scared to be myself so I don’t try to blend in with everybody else.

Do you feel the Internet/Social Media has impacted the music business for indie artists such as yourself? Yes, I do feel the Net/Social meds has a big impact on indie artist. It helps to even the playing field if you work hard in a smart way.

Which song from your music catalog would you consider fans to listen to that represent you as an artist? My new single, “It Hit Different,” shows artistic bravery, lyricism, unique production & smooth delivery. Plus, everyone can relate to the subject.

Tell us about your recent release and what inspired you to create such a masterpiece? I was in the middle of working on my upcoming project & was listening to beats that I made when inspiration struck.

By any chance, do you have a video for your recent release or single? Tell us about the visual and the thought process behind the making of the video... I don’t have a video for the song yet but will definitely do a video for it. It’ll be lit

Do you have any future projects you are currently working on at the moment? Yes! I’ll release two albums this year!

Any plans on going on tour this year or the near future? That’s something to work on, I’ll do more shows in the future.

Tell us something you love to do and admire besides being a musician and entertainer? Watch movies, read comic books & work on my merch.

What’s next for you as a hip-hop artist and entrepreneur in 2021 and beyond? I have my own merch on & will expand on that. I’ll release two albums this year, one of them will be an instrumental album. I will be accomplishing my goals & enjoying life in the process.

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