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Mesmerizing Verses and Rapid Beats With Emerging Rap Trio, 356 - #HHOE

The Michigan stars are ready to pave their path in the hip-hop industry with their unique Detroit sound

Detroit, Michigan – March 05, 2021 – Dynamic synthesized beats, progressive verses, and contemporary compositions; the rap trio 356 creates a new school sound that leaves you wanting more.

Comprised of Yung Tank, Rese, and Rondo, the group has written and released multiple singles in 2020, along with the new single “Chinese” released in January of this year. 356 is currently signed under the Dream Big Management Team, and has worked with notable producers such as T1 and CurryBeats, that added an extra refined flare to their track list, giving the group an indelible concept to carry forward.

“Chinese” was crafted by 356 in 2021, providing their listeners with a melodic trap style hip-hop sound, and quickly becoming a favorite of many, as depicted by the rise in their streams on multiple platforms. “No Reason” by 356 featuring Neisha Neshae garnered the same response with its complex yet polished arrangement, introspective verses, and feel-good aura, with the addition of the message in the rap dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Our music is unique because it’s memorable. We bring a different vibe to the game and to the stage, a different Detroit sound,” says 356. “Our family is what motivates us. We’re trying to elevate them to a different place…”

356 dedicated and mastered their craft to urban contemporary hip-hop and rap styles. By drawing elements of hardcore trap, alternative slow jams, reverbed and texture patterns, and double bass to produce unique and catchy tracks that appease both the classic listeners of rap as well as the newcomers to this genre. Keeping their families and communities in mind, 356 captivate their listeners with powerful storytelling methods and organic progressions.

356 have set their target to give the world a taste of the Detroit magic, aiming for increased exposure on the young black rock stars. They wish to also expand their portfolio, spreading out from the realms of making phenomenal music to managing their own studio and ventures, including a family restaurant and a clothing store. At the end, 356 march a straight path towards providing better and secure lives for their families.

“Chinese” and “From the Bottom” is available to stream on Spotify, with their entire discography and music videos released on their official YouTube channel. Stream the new classic of rap by 356 and discover more about the trio here!


356 is a rap trio formed by members Dwayne Ware (Yung Tank), Tyrese Hill (Rese), and Laron Greenwood (Rondo) in 2017 in the state of Michigan. Yung Tank and Rondo are first cousins, and Rese and Young Tank are cousins on their father’s side. Growing up together, the aspiring rappers and songwriters knew they had to make it through to the rap and hip-hop industry without losing their originality and eccentric genesis. Making music together for 4 years allowed the group’s pace and style to develop, without derailing the individuality of all members. The trio stays true to their drive, which is the family and their community, being inspired by the will to make a better world for themselves and their loved ones.

356 describe their music as memorable, connecting with the hearts of their listeners through raw passion in their lyrics, an emotionally-rich and effortless integration of hooks, and delightful instrumental bars that leave set their discography to be looped at each listen.


Name: 356

Location: 22789 Normandy Eastpointe MI 48021 Email:


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