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Missingno. Gets Nostalgic On Infectious New Single ‘DirtyBeach'

Alt-Hip-Hop artist Missingno. gets nostalgic on new infectious Hip-Hop/Pop single ‘Dirty

Beach,’ an ode to his childhood visits to Coney Island and the feels of being by nature.

The emerging artist is slowly shaping up to be tomorrow’s torchbearer as his new song

explores the feeling of enjoying the beach, even if it's not the cleanest. Missingno. also

delves into an environmentalist perspective, where he sings about grease being in the

water and plastic/bottles/cans being either on the fish or in the sand.

On the single, Missingno. said, “The single brings forth my childhood memories and the

love I have for nature and music, with a focus on how we treat the world at its current


The smooth production on the single was made up of wonky guitars and catchy synths (a

whiny-high pitch synth and some mid-range 80's sounding ones), but it also features

popular hip-hop drum elements.

‘Dirty Beach’ is an inoffensive beach/summer oriented song which showcases the artist’s

alluring, enigmatic, yet playful characteristics. The single also has an accompanying video

which may remind listeners of songs like ‘Watermelon Sugar’ by Harry Styles.

The humble but adventurous artist was born in Brooklyn, NY, raised in Dallas, TX, and

currently residing in Akron, OH. Missingno. adapts his name from a “glitch" in the original

PokОmon game, which is interpreted as "missing number."

As the origins of his name would suggest, Missingno.'s music heavily incorporates gamelike

sounds that are reminiscent of many classic Nintendo games and combines them with

elements of today's Pop and Hip-hop / R&B. Since COVID-19 hit, Missingno. has released

two music videos, an EP, and virtually performed for the ‘LAUNCH Music Conference

2020’ (which usually takes place in Lancaster, PA). He also recorded a performance in his

bedroom for the “Dayton Art In The City” festival.

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